Digital Access

eMaterials are electronic reading materials such as books, movies, or audio, that you can read on a smartphone, tablet, eReader or computer. Users will need to install free software (Overdrive) before downloading items from the digital collection. Use your card number and  the last four digits of your library card number as your PIN.
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  1. eBooks
    Online Magazines, journals, and newsletters.
  2. eBooks
    Fiction eBooks and audiobooks.
  3. eBooks
    Animated books for children
  4. Geneology
    Access the world's largest online history resource. Get started now. *In library access only*
  5. Geneology
    Provides genealogical and historical sources for more than 60 countries, with coverage dating back as early as the 1700's.
  6. Online Learning helps kids learn to read through phonics, and teaches lessons in math, social studies, art, music, and much more. *In library access only*
  7. Online Resources
    eLearning solutions provides resources for academic skill-building, standardized test preparation, career development and more.
  8. Online Resources
    Missouri citizens with tax-supported library service are eligible for MOREnet Internet access through the Remote Electronic Access for Libraries (REAL) Program.
  9. Search Materials
    Please feel free to browse our collection of items and let us know what you think of the NEW updated catalog.